What to Do With Broken Air Compressor? Must Do This…..

Air compressors have become a significant part of our daily life. From hardcore jobs to daily home-based tasks, air compressors are now found everywhere. If it’s the same for you then you cannot afford production losses at all, right? With a broken air compressor, you must be stuck with what can you do with that.

Scarping and selling is not particularly a good option as it requires so much effort and produces little value. On the other hand, repair seems like a good option as it is worth the effort and time. Lastly, you can also replace that but that requires hundreds of bucks. The choice is entirely yours but don’t you worry since we have the details of everything below. This will let you decide better on what to do with a broken air compressor.

Tips Regarding Troubleshooting

A broken compressor can be due to several reasons. With a wide range of issues prevailing, you need to know what should you look for. We have made it easier for you by listing down the probable areas you should be checking.

Excessive and unusual noises

In case your compressor is making these excessive and unusual noises, you should definitely look for moving parts. These include bearing and flywheels.

Power Source

Issues in the lines are the most common. Check for the wires and socket which creates disturbance between the power source and the compressor.

Oil Levels

Do check for the oil levels. It should be at an optimal level. If not, add some to reach that level.

Hot air Discharge

This occurs in the case there are some significant issues related to the cooling cycle.

Blowing Fuses

If you notice that the blowing of the fuses occurs often, consider changing the size and capacity of electrical loading.

Large oil consumption

If your compressor is consuming more oil than usual, this is an indication of piston rings being worn. Further, it indicates issues with ventilation.

Belt Wear

If you notice wear and tear of the belt, it is due to the wrong alignment of the belt. Moreover, it may also be due to the belt bounded tightly.

All these can be done with a broken air compressor. However, if you cannot fix the compressor all by yourself, you can consult a certified technician or expert in this respective field for the issue. This will save the large money which you have to use in case of replacement.

When Should You Repair The Compressor

When should we look for repairing the compressor? It is a great solution when certain circumstances arise which are listed down below.

  • If you have just bought your air compressor.
  • Operational hours of the air compressors are not yet completed.
  • It has all the advanced features and comprises of newer technology.
  • The warranty period is remaining.
  • Parts are available in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it worth fixing an air compressor?

Fixing an air compressor comes with the risk of the air compressor becoming less efficient. Further, it can break again, and the probability increases. The new air compressors come with imported prices which are lower than the one you got your old one for. This is due to technology improvements. So, if it is easy on your pocket, it is always better to get a new one rather than fix the old one.

  1. Can you scrap an air compressor?

Yes, an air compressor can be scraped. You can obtain the metals off the air compressors which enhances the price at which you can sell your old air compressor. However, you need to observe great care while scraping the metal. There are hazardous gases and oils which require handling. Therefore, do research well before scraping the air compressor for a great value.

  1. How much does it cost to replace an air compressor?

It costs in the range of $600 to $1200 when it comes to replacing an air compressor. In addition to this cost, you need to consider the additional charges which come with contractor’s and workers’ costs.

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