How to Fix an Air Compressor Never Do This.

Air compressors are machines that deliver high-pressure air and there is a high chance that they could explode if not used with proper care. There are many things that could possibly go wrong with an air compressor. In this article, we will discuss all these issues and also come up with solutions to help you handle these issues if they come up.

Problems along with solutions

Following are some of the issues that you might face when it comes to air compressors. We have also explained how you can handle each specific issue and fix it.

  • Problem: Air leaks

If you shut down an air compressor once it is fully filled and you notice that the pressure starts dropping even though you have not used the unit, there may be an air leak in the unit. The air leak could be due to many different reasons. It could be from the pressure gauge, from worn piston seals, or a faulty tank valve. You may notice that the air compressor keeps restarting again and again in order to make up for the lost air pressure.


In order to detect air leaks, you can cover all the joints and connections with liquid soap while the air compressor is unplugged. Turn it on and if you see bubbles forming anywhere, it means air is leaking from that location. You can then fix that part. Either tighten any part if it is loose or replace the piston or the valve if it is faulty.

  • Problem: Blown fuses or breakers

Another problem that you may face with air compressors is that they may start blowing breakers and fuses once plugged in. One reason for this could be the use of extension cords that cuts down on the energy supplied to the unit and causes the unit’s motor to overheat. Another reason for this problem could be a worn-out motor that is not working well anymore.


The solution for this issue is quite easy. You just need to ensure that you are connecting the air compressor directly to the power socket. If this doesn’t help then you need to look into replacing the worn-out motor if it is not too expensive to replace.

  • Problem: Compressor won’t start

Your compressor may not start altogether. It might not start working even though the switch has been plugged in properly and the on/off button has been switched on.


One major reason for a compressor not starting is that it does not have sufficient air pressure. In order to solve this issue, you need to check the exact cut-in setting and then adjust the pressure level accordingly.

  • Problem: Noisy operation

A very irritating problem that can occur with most air compressors is excessive noise during operation. This could be because of a loose part such as a clamp, cooler, belt guard, flywheel, or pulley. Lack of crankcase lubrication could also cause this problem. Another reason for this could be excessive vibration or placement of the air compressor on hard and uneven surfaces.


If loose compressor parts are causing the noise, then you can just fit them in place tightly. You can also try lubricating the unit using grease or oil. If all else fails, you can try using a soundproof box or blanket to cover the air compressor. This will absorb the noise and allow for a peaceful operation.

  • Problem: Excessive oil consumption

If your air compressor is using up too much oil then there could be many causes for this issue. There could be some kind of oil leak which might be causing the oil to get used up so quickly. Other reasons could be a scored cylinder, wrong viscosity of oil, worn-out piston rings or even a restricted air intake.


In order to fix this issue, you can try replacing or cleaning the air filter. Tighten the bolts or just replace the gasket. You can also replace the rings if they are worn out. Try using a different oil if you think the viscosity of your oil isn’t right. Finally, you can also try replacing the cylinder if all else fails.

  • Problem: Worn out belt

The belt of your air compressor might become worn out due to multiple reasons. It could be either because your belt is too tight or too loose which is causing it to not function properly. Another cause for this could be that the pulley is out of alignment which is adversely affecting the belt.


To solve this problem, all you need to di is adjust the tension of the belt and make sure that it is tightened the right amount. You can also try realigning the pulley with the compressor flywheel.


There could be many reasons why your air compressor is malfunctioning. We have discussed some of the major reasons and also offered advice on how you handle the problems. However, there are many other causes that we might not have discussed above. If you face any other issue, you can reach out to us and we would love to help you. Good luck!


  1. Can you repair an air compressor?

Answer: If there isn’t a big issue with the unit, you can easily repair an air compressor on your own. There isn’t too much science related to this and a few video tutorials will have you all set for the job.

  1. Is it worth fixing an air compressor?

Answer: This depends on what is wrong with the air compressor. If there is a really big issue that costs a lot to solve, you might consider getting a new unit. However, if it is possible to solve the issue with minimal effort and cost then it is worth solving the issue so that the air compressor can continue to work for a few more years.

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