How Much Copper is in an Air Conditioner Compressor?

Do you want to dig into how much copper is in the air conditioners air compressor? Then you surely have to stick around this guide which takes you through a proper channel. It determines how much copper is in an air conditioners compressor by scraping it. This will ensure that is the right amount as it is the only way to find out. With several other metals and components, scraping can actually benefit you with money. This process can turn out to be really valuable. So, let us dive in!

Finding Out Amount of Copper by Scraping Air Conditioner’s Compressor

The copper tubings which are inside the air compressor can serve as a good source to provide you with money. These metals can be worth it. When scraping just provides you around $4, the metals inside can raise that to $ 12. That is triple that of the original amount. This makes us all determine the amount of copper inside the compressor.


There are certain precautions which should adhere to avoid any unfortunate incidents First and foremost, do not forget to call a certified and professional worker who will aid in removing refrigerant together with the oils. The majority of the scrap yards only take in the conditioners with freon removed. Moreover, it is stated by EFA to never indulge in removing the freon by yourself and always take professional help for that.

What Do You Require While Scraping?

Before you start with the process, it is essential to always have the appropriate tools with you that are needed. You need to be sure that you have all the equipment to avoid any inconveniences. To save you the labor, we have listed all the essential tools you will be needing during the scraping process.

  • Wire snippers
  • Gloves
  • Power drill
  • Cable cutter
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Eye protection
  • Sawzall
  • Vice


The Process: Scraping an Air Conditioner

  • Draining the Liquids

As you have already stated, call certified and professional workers to get the freon removed.

  • Cutting the Copper wires

The next step involves cutting the copper wires. This requires the use of wire snippers. You are required to cut the connection between the power cord and the unit. You can then place it into the pile containing other copper wires.

  • Removing Steel

Then, you have to remove all the screws which are incorporated into the frame. This can be accomplished with the help of a power drill. This will enable;e us to remove the side steel panels. You can collect them with the steel pile.

  • Cutting Copper Tubbings

There are multiple copper tubing attached to the radiators from the sealed unit. With the aid of the cable cutters, remove them as well.

  • Removing Sealed Units

Now, you have a complete view of the things placed inside the air compressor. Remove all those important things. These majorly include a sealed unit together with an electric motor and remaining copper tubings.

  • Removing Radiators

With the help of a drill as well as a screw driver, you need to remove the radiator as well as the electric motor.

  • Copper Radiators

These are the heart of the compressor. You are required to first remove them careful and then clean them properly.

  • Collecting Metals

This final step involves collecting various metals. The proportions are found as follows.

  • Copper wires – 2.5 pounds approx. 
  • Copper Tubings – 4 pounds approx. 
  • Steel – 10 pounds approx.
  • Clean ACRs – 10 pounds approx. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much copper is in an AC unit

There is a certain quantity of copper added in AC units for their proper functioning. It aids in multiple activities and assists in the smooth and efficient working of the unit. IOn an estimate, there are 2 rods of copper added which is equivalent to about 3.5 pounds of copper. Along with the 2 copper tubings, there are other components as well. This includes steel and others. These all components work together in making it function properly.

  1. How much is an AC compressor worth?

An air conditioner’s air compressor costs you a lot. It usually comes around in the range of $800 to $2800. As an estimate, we can say, it will cost you about $1200 to get the air compressor of an air conditioner replaced. Therefore, you should put extreme care while using it and do not forget the proper and routine maintenance. The replacement of some of the parts also causes you half of this amount. Do not forget the additional labor cost. Considering only the parts, you will have to loosen about $800 for that alone. The labor costs have also skyrocketed to $150 per hour.

  1. What kills an AC compressor?

Multiple things pose a real danger to an AC compressor. Extreme care and right maintenance are required as the costs of replacement are very high. Therefore, one should always avoid the possible causes. One of the prime causes that totally kill an AC compressor is Excessive charge buildup on the refrigerant.

Overcharging is a very common issue. This happens when you add a greater amount of refrigerant than what is required. This can be a mistake at your end or a less-experienced technician who does that. No matter what the reason is, the excessive refrigerant will result in over chagrin. This will give rise to a phenomenon which is known as liquid slugging. This phenomenon completely destroys off the AC compressor and will certainly have to replace it then. Therefore, it is always advised to contact a certified, well-experienced technician who adds the right amount of refrigerant.

Final Verdict

In an attempt to find out how much copper is in the air conditioner’s air compressor, you are required to scrap it. We have done it for you so that you don’t have to do that, wasting a whole lot of money. Scraping requires multiple tools. The entire method is thoroughly and extensively defined in case you want to do that yourself. This requires power drills and multiple other tools. It is always better to seek professional help for any such activity. The amount of copper found is stated above. This aids in better functionality and smooth working.

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