How Big Of An Air Compressor Do I Need


Suppose you’re one of those individuals who are confused by the wide range of air compressors. And often question yourself How Big Of An Air Compressor Do I Need? Don’t be stressed, you’re not the only one.

Keeping this in mind, we’ve decided to help you out. The following guide will go through the numerous significant highlights of an air compressor and the things you should consider while buying a compressor.

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Picking up a right air compressor is tricky because of the availability of a broad range of compressors, sizes, and functionalities. With varieties in factors ranging from capacity, airflow, housing, and cost, many decisions must be made in choosing the right air compressor for you.

Things to Consider while Buying an Air Compressor:

Figuring out a few things before getting your hands on an air compressor can save you from the wrong decision. Therefore, you need to consider what you will utilize it for, how regularly you will use it, and foremost if you need it to be portable.  Purchasing the right compressor is mainly dependent on some factors which you must size air compressor for home garage

1. Air tools:

Air compressors need to deliver enough airflow with the right air pressure for an air tool to work efficiently. That is why choosing the right air tool is a primary factor when choosing a compressor. You will also need to manually consult a tool to know the precise air requirements for a specific tool.

2. Compressor- Free Air Delivery (FAD):

A compressor needs to produce sufficient air to meet the air consumption necessities of the tools associated with it. The volume of the air blower produce is called Free Air Delivery (FAD), estimated in liters per minute. It relates significantly to a tool’s air consumption requirement.

3. Quality and Air Pressure:

An air compressor can produce an air of variety of qualities. Dampness, dust, and oil particles would be present in the airflow unless you filter it out. In case your tools need “clean” air, consider buying a compressor that has a filter installed in it. Oil-less pumps prevent the risk of oil entering the airflow. They are also available.what size air compressor do i need to paint a car

4. Usage of tools:

The usage of tools is also considered the most essential factor to keep in mind. For the volume of air, the tool requirement will be affected by how you utilize that tool.  An air saw run in persistent long bursts will require the more volume of air to work proficiently over that period than if it is run in intermittent short bursts.

5. Tank Size:

Especially connected to how long you will utilize your air instruments. If you are utilizing devices continuously, at that point, you will require a bigger receiver as it will be exhausted less frequently.  For irregular work, a little one will do well. I would always suggest that you purchase as large a receiver as you can bear/fit into the workshop.

6. Portability:

Does your blower should be out or can it be kept in the corner of the workshop? Do you have an enormous space to store it, or does it need to be under a workbench?

It largely depends on what size meets your requirement and how it should be placed.


Other things you should know:

  • The tank stores air, it doesn’t produce it. A more enormous tank doesn’t mean more air it implies longer cycle duration.
  • An excess of pressure is dangerous for your tools.
  • If you have three-stage power purchasing a three-stage blower, they are more proficient and reliable.
  • If you need a long lead, consider a petrol compressor.
  • Overheating is a key factor in compressor failure. Make sure your unit has enough ventilation and access for maintenance.


Knowing your compressor requirements requires considering why you are going using it for, how often you need to use it, or if you need it to be portable. And also you would consider your pocket which is also very necessary.

I hope this article will help you narrow your choices. And I think the question of how big of an air compressor do I need has been answered well enough. You will find this article useful.

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