Can an Air Compressor Explode?

Want to figure out if all those stories about air compressors exploding are real? Are you worried about what things to prevent to avoid that? Don’t you worry since we have got with all covered? This article focuses on what are the possible causes of air compressors blowing up and lists down the preventive measures. This is a thorough and complete guide on can an air compressor explode. So belt up and stick to it.

What Are The Causes?

Improper Installation

All the air compressors come with an extensive guide that enlists the proper method of installing the compressor. It indicates the accurate psi levels the compressor should be set to. Further, it indicates the maintenance routines. These should be strongly adhered to because otherwise, the effects are not that good.

Strict protocols must be perfectly followed in order to ensure the right and proper installation. If not, an explosion might be the result which is obviously undesirable and unwanted. You must call professional help for the work which is always better. Moreover, d not forget to double-check to ensure everything is perfect and the compressor is safe to use.

Tank Corrosion

Another common cause that leads to an explosion of air compressors is tank corrosion. Corrosion is very common in tanks. It is inevitable and the tank is bound to corrode. It can, however, cause the weakening of the body of the tanks. The compressor works on high pressures but the tank when corroded cannot stand such high psi levels. This results in condensation on the inside body of the tank.

This large condensation will cause the tank to corrode more and more if proper maintenance protocols are not taken. According to the professionals and experts, it is always better to completely rain the tank every time you use it. This will ensure better integrity of the tank and better structure stability, preventing the blow-up.

Insufficient lubrication

Lubrication is a prime thing that should be done at all costs. It enables smooth operation and minimal friction. The parts move smoothly past one other if properly lubricated. However, if the lubrication is absent, the air compressor will not be able to operate at high-pressure levels. Further, it will also cause in rising of the local temperature where there are moving parts. The enhancing heat and rising temperature will cause the parts to stop functioning, which will ultimately result in rupturing of that particular part. The explosion will then be inevitable. In order to prevent ignition, substantial lubrication is essential and should always be ensured.

Manufacturing Defects

This is a relatively weaker and less potential cause that normally leads to an explosion. Manufacturers are usually careful while designing, producing, and assembling the parts. The material, construction, and psi levels are all well thought of. However, you should always read the reviews or check a trusted website to get you the right thing to avoid getting a faulty and badly constructed, and assembled air compressor.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Explosion of Air Compressor

One should adhere to the following preventive measures in order to eliminate the explosion of air compressors.

  • Draining the tank 
  • Checking the oil 
  • Lubricating the moving parts well 
  • Regular maintenance and checks 
  • Right assembling 
  • Proper installation
  • Adhering to manufacturer’s guidelines 
  • Running safety checks                  

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can an air compressor start a fire?

An air compressor is a machine which you should be careful about. It should always be kept in an open space to avoid overheating and other issues. Further, it enhances safety and protection. Whether or not an air compressor can start a fire depends upon how well the electrical components are caged or insulated. The electrical components that form a part of either the motor as well as the switch can initiate or ignite a spark. This makes fire very probable.

Moreover, if the air compressor is placed inside a closed place, it might be subjected to overheating. This is yet another reason for the air compressor starting the fire. Therefore, always look for good quality air compressor and place them in a well-ventilated area.

  1. Can an air compressor overheat?

Yes, an air compressor can be subjected to overheating. There are multiple causes that lead to a compressor being overheated. The most obvious one is keeping the air compressor in a suffocating place. However, if any unfortunate circumstances arrive, it becomes essential to solve the overheating issue. This requires instant repair or either getting yourself a new one and keeping it in an open space.

Further, you have to take the following measures to avoid this from happening again. You should always check the temperature you place the air compressor in. It should be cool and breezy. This will take all the excessive heat off the air compressor, preventing overheating. Moreover, you should also check the environment. It plays a prime role as the space around the air compressor should be free. In case it is stuffed, it enhances the chances of overheating.

  1. Is it safe to leave an air compressor on?

It is completely safe to leave your air compressor on. You do not always have to put a check and keep an eye on that. It can be left on under its stated duty cycles. However, if you are not employing its power or it has been left on for long without being used, it is always better to switch the machine off or deactivate it.

Final Verdict

Air compressors are useful machines whose use has been extended day by day. The good ones cause you sufficient money; therefore, you need to make sure that they do not explode. For that, you are required to keep safety checks together with taking all the preventive measures. Do it now to avoid any unfortunate circumstances. Say hello to an effective and absolutely safe air compressor.

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