5 Best Air Compressor Oils 2024 – Review & Buyer Guide

The best air compressor oils can make a huge difference in the durability of your compressor, as well as in the ability to start in cold weather.

Like most engine-powered machines your air compressor motors require lubrication to keep them operating efficiently and minimize the impact of wear and tear, as well as to cool and seal internal engine components.

Proper lubrication can also reduce your energy costs. By decreasing friction, lubricants reduce heat and lower the compressor’s energy intake. So, many air compressors need oil to run properly.

If you have never changed the oil of your compressor or you didn’t know you need to, your first question will be what kind of air compressor oil should you buy?

So, in this article, I reviewed the Best Air Compressor Oil along with pros and cons which will help you in selecting the best oil for your compressor.

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Why do we need the best air compressor oil?

An air compressor is a mechanical part which means it will be in motion or produce motion. To get the more smooth movement of the machine parts; the lubrication with best air compressor oil is mandatory. It increases the life of machine parts.

We need the air compressor oil to cool down the compression and act as a sealant. It prevents leakage of the air compressor. It protects the internal bearings from getting damage.  Basically; we can say air compressor oil increases the life of the machine by preventing the wear and tear of the machine.

Also, the oil protects the parts from getting dusty. Because if in any case dust particle will enter the sensitive part of the machine, it can cause severe damage.

Things to consider before buying the Best Air Compressor Oil

  • Original air compressor oil
  • Temperature range
  • Viscosity
  • Price

Pieces of machinery are already very expensive and their maintenance costs differently. Every brand has made air compressor oil according to types and requirements.

As there is a huge market of air compressor oil out there but following points should be kept in mind before you head out to buy the air compressor oil for your motor:

  • Original air compressor oil:

Make sure to check the oil with its contents written on the bottle pack. The ratios of mixing ingredients should be original and balanced. You can have the option of synthetic and non-synthetic air compressor oil depending upon the nature of the compressor. Use proper oil for proper machinery, so it won’t cause any trouble in long run.

  • Temperature range:

The job of the air compressor is to low the heat, the best air compressor oil removes the neatness from the machine body.  As we know that different oil behaves differently in the multiple parts of the machine especially with temperature below freezing point or 120°F. So before buying the oil for the air compressor; check the temperature range it can bear under different circumstances.

  • Viscosity:

Viscosity means the texture and consistency of oil. The work of the machine part is dependent on the proper lubrication. If the oil is too thick or thin; it can cause a delay in the work process. So make sure to check the viscosity of the compressor oil. The range of viscosity of oil varies between 32cSt- 220cST.

  • Price:

The compressor oil is something that we are going to need more often. Now if that would be expensive; people will resist buying it which will damage their machinery by reducing its engine life. So it must come at an affordable price so everyone can buy it and use it to enhance the efficiency and performance of the motor engine.

Best Air Compressor Oil 2024 – Quick Comparison:


Best Air Compressor Oil 2024 – Detail Reviews:

It is important to provide the compressor with high-quality accessories and oils, which will be useful. But finding the best option is very difficult. So, here you can find effective compressor oils that are tested in real conditions.

1. Powermate Px – Best Air compressor oil for Cold Weather:

The Powermate synthetic air compressor oil is perfect for your compressor. It performs better at both lower and higher temperatures, which means better compressor performance year-round.

Powermate Px P018-0084SP Features:
  • The oil starts 10 degrees colder than the other compressor oils
  • It provides 25% more protection against wear
  • It gives better compressor performance
  • Designed to perform better in different temperatures

Powermate Px P018-0084SP Air Compressor Oil Review:best air compressor oil

The Powermate is equivalent to the oil that is free from detergents and other additives. It is synthetic oil that is designed to work in low-temperature ranges from 0 degrees F. If your compressor is having a hard time trying to start in the cold mornings, this is the best choice for you!

Temperature range:

It can reduce wear and protect discharge valves from any carbon deposits at an incredibly wide temperature range. Another excellent quality of this lubricant is it serves as all-around good air compressor oil.

Highly compatible:

Powermate is highly compatible to keep the compressor running smoothly. This oil makes the device work very quiet and without the accompanying strange smell, and it is one of the best air compressor for truck tires.


It has the initial viscosity high stability and contains oxidation inhibitors, which guarantee excellent thermal reliability. The unit’s properties inhibit the corrosion of parts. The additives give the oil good water separating capabilities.

Ability to clean parts:

The liquid is supplemented by the ability to clean the engine parts from various deposits and contaminants, and such uniqueness is greatly visible after the first use. It is the best air compressor oil weight.

It can be poured into the tank in a very suitable way. There is a possibility to keep the compressor and the oil in a garage in any season and do not afraid that the substance can evaporate, or some unit details may rust due to poor quality oil. It is the best synthetic air compressor oil.

  • Effective in colds
  • Free from detergents
  • Awful smell


If you ask for our expert’s opinion; Powermate Px P018-0084SP Air Compressor Oil is the best air compressor oil as it is a synthetic oil with both high and low-temperature range working ability. It has the quality of preventing the oil to become thick in cold weather conditions.

If you are looking for all-season performance air compressor oil then no choice is better than this oil. The best thing about this oil is; it keeps the part clean like pistons and valves. We know about the smell problem but it is something you can compromise on if you consider the services this oil is providing.

2. DEWALT Oil – Best Oil for Quincy air Compressor:

The Dewalt D55001 all-weather synthetic compressor oil is ISO-100 viscosity 30 weight non-detergent oil. It improves efficiency while offering superior protection in extreme temperatures and provides maximum lubrication for your compressor. This is the best air compressor oil type.

DEWALT Compressor Oil 1-Quart (D55001)Features:
  • Improves compressor efficiency
  • Superior protection in extreme temperatures
  • Allows easier start-up in low temperatures
  • Good for 200 hours or 1 year between oil changes

DEWALT Oil, 1-Quart Review:

The D55001 eliminates carbon build-up on compressor valves and allows an easier

start-up in low temperatures. It includes anti-wear protection, increasing your compressor’s life.

Used in all weathers:

This air compressor pump oil is good for 200 hours, or one-year between oil changes. The D55001 compressor oil can be used with any of the air compressors requiring pump oil. This can be used in all weather conditions and even in extreme cold. It is the best cold weather air compressor oil. It can improve compressor efficiency and can be used for professional and personal use.

Prevents carbon buildup:

The compressor lubricant includes special components, which prevent carbon buildup and reduce unit’s wear. The composition provides effective lubrication, has a high self-ignition temperature, and resists to oxidation.

Anti-corrosive properties:

Moreover, it is neutral with the compressor parts because it guarantees protection against rust, anti-corrosion properties, and high resistance to hydrolysis. The switching to this air compressor oil appeared to be very easy because all you must do is to clean the crankcase from the old oil and just pour the new one. This is the best air compressor oil water separator.

High viscosity:

The stuff helps reduce the compressor’s noise and contributes to cooling. The manufacturer says that the oil is made for small reciprocating compressors, but it greatly fits big devices due to its thick film and versatility. The high viscosity level facilitates reliable lubrication and oil penetration even into the smallest gaps.

  • High viscosity
  • Fits big devices
  • Used in all weathers
  • Inefficient


If the temperature drops too low values and starting the motor seems almost impossible; DEWALT Best Air Compressor Oil 1-Quart (D55001) is here for your help. It makes cold early morning engine start easy and works without much effort required. It is highly recommended by our experts. It will make the machine run smoothly and noiselessly.

No matter which type of weather is out there; this best air compressor oil will give a flawless start to your motor. And because of its anti-wear protection feature; it enhances the life of the compressor. So there is no doubt about buying this best oil.

3. Campbell Hausfeld – Best oil to use for Air Compressor:

The Campbell Hausfeld is 30-weight oil free from detergents and other harmful seasonings. It is standard oil, not synthetic. This is for normal temperature ranges and may work as well in extremely cold temperatures.

Campbell Hausfeld Oil (ST125312AV) Features:
  • Ideal for all brands oil-lubricated air compressors
  • ISO-100 non-detergent oil
  • Finish your projects easier with Campbell Hausfeld
  • This Oil Can Prolong Pump Life

Campbell Hausfeld Oil Review:best air compressor oil

Campbell Hausfeld air compressor oil is a single viscosity oil that provides the lubrication air compressors require. This is for the best oil lubricated portable air compressor. It is perfect for all brands and models of oil-lubricated air compressors, this oil can prolong pump life by reducing valve carbon build-up.


The air compressor oil is versatile and is perfect for all models of oil-lubricated air compressors. The product is non-detergent and as well as the synthetic compressor oil, its single viscosity can work in severe temperature conditions. Higher temperatures can cause detonation.

Well-known brand:

Made by one of the most well-known brands, it is hard to go wrong with this formula for temperature-controlled shops. It is for older units where the synthetic might get more blow-by and be used up more rapidly. It is the best air compressor oil type.

Pleasant smell:

The oil’s life is 2 to 4 hours. It also has oxidation resistance and low foam formation. The Campbell Hausfeld product does not have an unpleasant smell and due to the additive’s absence, it is completely transparent.

This best air compressor oil works without annoying sounds. The device itself stays barely warm after using this oil even during active work. It seems that the lubricated surfaces become more durable and are not affected by corrosion.

  • High-quality
  • 30 weight
  • Non-detergent
  • Single viscosity oil
  • Very liquid structure


Campbell Hausfeld is not a common brand as it is a very popular brand with quality products. So doubting there any product is a waste of time. It is budget-friendly air compressor oil with balanced ingredients.

Campbell Hausfeld Oil 16oz MP12 (ST125312AV) increases the pump life by decreasing the valve carbon build-up. We agree on the fact that it has thin viscosity but it fits the maximum brands of the motor pump. It makes the work quicker and smoother.

4. Powermate 018-0060CT 1-Quart Best Air Compressor Oil:

Powermate air compressor oil offers better heat control resulting in less pressure and longer pump life. This oil can be used in all-weathers. This is the best air compressor oil weight.

Powermate 018-0060CT 1-Quart Features:
  • All-weather blends
  • Prevents oil breakdown with additives
  • Imported from the USA

Powermate 018-0060CT Air Compressor Oil, 1-Quart Review:best air compressor oil

Powermate Compressor Oil is expertly engineered and designed to prevent oil breakdown with a mixture of additives that inhibit premature wearing. This Powermate Air Compressor Oil is an all-weather blend for all year use.

Easy to utilize:

It is conveniently packaged in a 1-Quart bottle with an easy to read oil level indicator. This Powermate is easy to utilize. Powermate is one of the world’s leading brands of portable and standby electric generators, air compressors air tools, compressor oils, and accessories.

It has a very interesting composition that reduces the risk of equipment failures and guarantees economical consumption in difficult conditions. It is the best air compressor oil or oil-free.

User friendly:

The mixture of special additives does not include harmful components for humans or nature, so the oil’s smell does not have a bad influence on the person’s health. After the first use, the compressor stops producing a loud noise and does not heat up. The oil is colourless but its density is greatly visible in the reservoir. It is the best air compressor pump oil.

Easy to read indicator:

The container itself has an easy-to-read oil level indicator that is enough for rare use in normal temperature conditions. However, this type of oil must protect tools from cold and high humidity. It has an optimally balanced complex of additives, which provide excellent antioxidant properties, corrosion protection, and extreme pressure features.

  • Protects from rust
  • Works at an acceptable volume
  • Oil evaporates fast
  • Replaced periodically


If you are worried about your expensive machinery which will get rusty in a matter of time then don’t panic and use Powermate 018-0060CT 1-Quart Best Air Compressor Oil. This air compressor oil gives high protection against rust because it is designed and constructed with great care by an excellent team of engineers.

It can be widely used in multiple products, under any weather condition, and comes at an economical price. It is not suitable for gas engines as it is only for air compressors. This best air compressor oil enhances the pump life and cools down the heat in the machinery. Overall, it is a good choice to buy and use in air compressors.

5. Senco PC0344 32 Ounce Compressor Oil:

The Senco PC0344 air compressor pump oil is the superior grade, formulated with high-quality distillate stocks. This Senco air compressor oil protects against corrosion, resists oil slush buildup, and lubricates to extend the life of your air compressor. The PC0344 can be used with other oil splash air compressors too.

Senco PC0344 32 Ounce Compressor Oil Features:
  • formulated with high-quality naphthenic distillate stocks
  • Suggested for all oil-splash compressors
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Lubricates to expand the life of the compressor

Senco PC0344 32 Ounce Compressor Oil Review:best air compressor oil

Only one use is enough to see that the air compressor oil can keep the internal structure clean. The elements are covered with a very thin but dense film. This is the best synthetic air compressor oil. The manufacturer promises corrosion resistance. The liquid’s composition includes hydrocarbons, tar, and asphalt compounds.

Device runs cooler:

This compressor oil can make the device run cooler and quieter. It removes the unnecessary annoying motor sounds, leaving only a gentle humming in the background. There is a huge increase in lubrication and a big decrease in wear.

Low friction liquid:

2/4 of this oil is enough to make the compressor run very long. It is possible to see the level of oil fullness in the reservoir due to the color. The liquid has a low friction coefficient and the fuel consumption is greatly reduced.

Anti-foam performance:

It has all chances to be the best synthetic air compressor oil when it comes to a good anti-foam performance and anti-corrosion properties, but at the same time, the product has not very economical consumption so a quite big amount of substance is needed for full use.

Increases service life:

After adding this oil in your compressor, it stays warm even during the working process, and additives may be destroyed in the operating conditions. Such uniqueness increases the service life of the oil for the compressor. Overall, this product has all features best air compressor oil needs and is the best air compressor oil-free

  • Reduces leakage
  • Less noise during work
  • Not stable


This USA-based Senco PC0344 32 Ounce Compressor Oil is ready to use with an amazing mixture and ideally blended viscosity. It is surely recommended for all oil splash compressors. It prevents the body from corrosion. It is the most affordable air compressor oil with maximum serving purpose.

It is a non-detergent and non-synthetic air compressor oil which minimizes leakage quietly. It is a good value for the money air compressor oil.


After doing research I concluded that the successful performance of an oil compressor depends hugely on the oil that acts as the liquid for lubricating, cooling, and sealing. If the compressor lacks oil, it will instantly start working worse.

So, I recommend the best air compressor oil, which is DEWALT Compressor Oil, it is an all-weather synthetic compressor non-detergent. If this article helps you in purchasing the best oil, then give your feedback in the comment box below.


1. What is the best air compressor oil?

The best air compressor oil is Campbell Hausfeld Oil Compressor 16oz MP12 (ST125312AV). It is a 30-weight free from detergents and other harmful seasonings. This is for normal temperature ranges and may work as well in extremely cold temperatures.

2. Can I use 10w30 in my air compressor?

Yes, you can use 10w30 in an air compressor because air compressor manufacturers recommend non-detergent 10w30 compressor oil. Do not use regular automotive oil.

3. What is the best oil to use in an air compressor?

While choosing air compressor oil the first thing to consider is the oil’s viscosity requirements. The Senco PC0344 32 Ounce Compressor oil is recommended for compressors that operate in conditions where there are temperature variations. It is the better choice for colder conditions.

4. Can you put motor oil in an air compressor?

Typically, the answer is no but if you are bound using motor oil for your compressor, then non-detergent oil is the best choice.

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